A customisable questionnaire app that allows you to create your own questionnaires with your own branding.   Aimed at anyone needing to easily collect information from customers, the trade or public.  Provides a professional touch at any of the following:

  1. Trade show

  2. Exhibition

  3. Seminar

  4. Kiosk

  5. Registration desk

  6. Survey

  7. Polling station


A rich set of features driven from a clean user friendly interface:

  1. Add your own library of questions.

  2. Create a list of options for each question.

  3. Specify question constraints such as min/max selectable options.

  4. Customise the flow of questions based on the option selected in a previous question.

  5. Choose an animated chart to represent results for each of your questions.

  1. Create questionnaires selecting questions from your question library.

  2. Add an introduction to introduce your questionnaire.

  3. Pick from standard fields that can be renamed: first/last name, title, company, phone, email, postal address.

  4. Customise questionnaire appearance with logos and colour.

  5. Create events at which people complete a questionnaire.

  6. Add a message to present after the questionnaire is completed.

  1. Animated charts that summarise results of your questions Pie, Bar, Column and Venn(2 and 3 node).

  2. Question presenter view to present results on a big screen (on supported devices only).

  3. Select a random person from completed questionnaires.

  1. Share questionnaire reports as CSV, XML or PDF via email.

  2. Share individual completed questionnaire as PDF via email.

  3. Export/Import questionnaires between devices via email.